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Leon Thompson Album - 'Illusions'

New Leon Thompson Album ‘Flashbacks’ Out Now!
16 Jun 2017

Leon Thompson is back and has released his third studio album, 'Flashbacks', out now Still Standing Records.  ‘Flashbacks’ sees Leon on blistering form, bringing together his old skool hook melodies with a sense of urgency giving us a dance album that gives us a blast from the past with some eurodance and ranges all the way up to modern day dance with some hard electro and pop driven grooves.

Leon says: ‘I can't believe this is my third studio album.  Funny enough, I was actually getting flashbacks as I was going around doing my day to day life things of tunes that were from the early 90's just going round and round in my head until it got to the point where I just had to write something of the same genre to get it out of my head.  This is when I got the idea for the album, I thought yeah, I will start by writing a couple of eurodance tunes and make the album sound oldish and then slowly bring it up to speed with some modern day sounding tracks.  The album for me is about how dance music has developed over the years and has taken so many different routes that has brought over time all kinds of different vibes'.

Studio side, all tracks composed/produced and mixed by Leon Thompson at the Still Standing Records Studio in Sunderland and digital cover artwork by HLDRMN and mastered by Marian Brezovan@ONLINEMASTERINGSTUDIO.EU

The Full track listing is:

1. Flashbacks
2. Move Your Body
3. Tropical Paradise
4. Show Your Love
5. Mirage
6. Spectrum
7. Crank It
8. Circuit Breaker
9. Electroid
10. Fire & Ice
11. Funkytown
12. Spirit Of Lakota
13. Choir Of The Wind
14.  Reach For The Stars

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