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Leon Thompson - Spirit Of Lakota
03 Nov 2017

We are very pleased to announce the brand-new single 'Spirit Of Lakota' by Leon Thompson featuring a remix by Gary Anderson is out now! 'Spirit Of Lakota' is the second single from Leon's third studio album 'Flashbacks'.  Here we find three smashing tracks aimed once again for the dancefloor giving us a Tribal Mix, a remix from DJ/Producer Gary Anderson and a Extended Mix.

Leon Thompson - Spectrum
15 Sep 2017

We are very pleased to announce the brand-new single 'Spectrum' by Leon Thompson featuring a remix by Gary Anderson is out now!

Leon Thompson - Flashbacks
16 Jun 2017

Leon Thompson is back and has released his third studio album, 'Flashbacks', out now on Still Standing Records.

Leon Thompson - Secrecy & Control
24 Feb 2017

Leon Thompson Single ‘Secrecy & Control’ Out Now!

Leon goes darker and deeper into the world of conspiracy giving us tracks "Secrecy & Control" and "Time Is Running Out"

Leon Thompson - Higher Consciousness
04 Mar 2016

After taking us into the world of progressive house on Leon's previous EP 'Illusions', here we find ourselves taken into the cosmic world of trance and...

Session Singers
01 Jan 2016

Session Singers Wanted! - (Now Closed)

Any session singers reading this?  Well, this will apply to you if so. We are looking to use session singers on the next couple of releases.

05 Jun 2015

Leon Thompson Official Video ‘Vortex’

'Vortex' is taken from the album 'Illusions' by Leon Thompson.  Video directed by Zozzyblue.

Leon Thompson - Illusions
2 Mar 2015

The first EP taken from Leon's new studio album, 'Illusions'.  Here we saw a new direction for Leon, taking us into the world of melodic progressive house, but...

Leon Thompson - Illusions

Leon Thompson kicks off 2015 with 'Illusions' his second studio album through Still Standing Records - released on 18th January!

Leon Thompson - Hello Goodbye (feat. Lyndsay Wright)
11 July 2012

Leon Thompson Single ‘Hello Goodbye (Feat. Lyndsay Wright) Out Now!

We are pleased to announce Leon Thompson single 'Hello Goodbye' featuring Lyndsay Wright is out now!

Leon Thompson - Can't hide (feat. Triple C)
07 Feb 2012

Leon delivers us a hard driven drum & bass track with smashing rythmical vocals from 'Triple C'.

Leon Thompson - Free Love
01 Feb 2012

Leon Thompson Single ‘Free Love’ Out Now!

Leon brings us a Italian House flavoured dance track with a brillant trance remix from our competition winner David Heslop aka 'Fatzo'.

Remix Competition hosted on Spark FM
27 Jan 2012

Last month brought an end to our first remix competition which we held in collaboration with Bunker Dance radio show on Spark FM.

Leon Thompson - You Can Run But You Can't Hide
18 Jul 2011

Leon Thompson Album ‘You Can Run But You Can't Hide' Out Now!

Here we have Leon taking us back to old skool roots giving us a old skool sounding record mixing up drum & bass, house, electro, breakbeat, rave, and big beat.

Leon Thompson - Technology
07 Mar 2011

The follow up to Leon's debut single 'Don't Leave'.  This time, Leon focuses on another hard dance track, but only this time taking us into the trance world.

Leon Thompson - Don't Leave
09 Jul 2009

Leon Thompson Single ‘Don't Leave’ Out Now!

We are pleased to announce Leon Thompson debut single 'Don't Leave' is out now!

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